Sunday November 5, 2006

Whew… What a week.  Let just thank everyone who called to wish me a happy birthday.  Whether you actually talked to me or not.  Let me fill everyone in on my week.  Sunday evening.  After the service was over at 7pm several of us  stayed around to help dismantle our old sound board to make room for our new digital board.  We purchased one of the greatest sound boards in production.  It is called the Venue and it is made by Digidesign.  It is awesome.  Monday.  They showed up with the board and started the assembly and installation which took all of monday (until 10pm) and most of Tuesday.  Wednesday we had our mid-week service, which went pretty well considering we wer still getting our feet underneath us on the new board.  In addittion to all this, the new board caused me to have to redo all of my video stuff to accomodate the new capabilities of the board.  I traced wires, re-wired, re-arranged furniture in the video room, un-pluged, and re-plugged everything that had anything to do with audio or video.  Busy week.  In addition to all that, I’m sort of overseeing the installation of the low-voltage in the four story youth and children’s building we are contructing.  They are just about to finish up the ceiling grid on the first floor so we have to get our network and telephone lines in asap.  Our sub-contractor is coming to start that tomorrow, but I had to meet with all the concerned parties (General Contractor, Electrician, etc…) last week and do a walk through of the whole thing so they could get started.  Oh, I forget to mention the same sub-contractor was in the sanctuary this past week running new video and audio lines to the camera positions so we didn’t have to tape cables to the floor under the pews (tacky).  Oh, and on top of all that… I had to get my weekly work done for Sunday.  Busy week.  Did I mention that on my birthday I was work for a training session until 9:00pm.
Kayce and I went out on Saturday and ate at Hananoki’s and saw the new Santa Clause movie.  It was nice to have a break from a week full of wiring!  Well, that’s my week.  How was yours?  Hopefully, slightly less busy.  I guess I earned my 24th birthday this past week.  I hope I don’t have work as hard to turn 25 next year.