Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today was a fun day.  I woke up at 11am, helped Mr. Shorter (Kayce’s Dad) unload some wood he had brought us from his neighbors house.  We have a great wood stove downstairs that will easily heat the whole house this winter and save us a ton in gas bills.  I went back with him and got a second load.  Some of the wood was rotten, but mostly it was good.  So, we should be set for the winter, now. 
After that we ate a little lunch, and headed out for The Right Place, to get some pictures developed and pick up some others.  I’ve gotten hooked back into to photography again.  Not a cheap hobbie.  To shoot with my medium format camera it costs me $10 per roll, and then I only get 12 exposures.  But today was worth it.  As soon as I get the film from today developed, I’ll post some of the pictures.  I guess I should tell you what I took pictures of… Well, I’m not there yet… 
After picking up some film, we went to ToysR’Us and did some early Christmas shopping.  Today, they were giving teachers 20% off (on top of any other sales, of which there were many).  We were able to get alot of shopping done for Parker today and for almost nothing.  Very Cheap day. 
Next we headed to the pumpkin patch.  This place off exit 11 were this family grows huge fields of pumpkins, and then pile them all in front of their house and sell them for $1,$3, or $5, depending on size.  We got quite a few.  I have alot of carving to do!  I like to carve pictures into the pumpkins.  This year, I’m doing Parker’s face.  I’ll post a picture if it turns out well.  This is where I took all the good pictures today.  Hopefully, one will be good enough for our Christmas card this year.  I think we are going to skip the snail mail cards and do eCard for Christmas this year.  I don’t have actually addresses for everyone we would send one to, but I do have e-mails, and it will save on postage.  People will just have to print them for themselves.  Maybe, we are still thinking about it.  Anyway.  It was good day.  By the way, Dairy Queens Mocha Latte’s are really good!  That is probably the reason I’m still going at 11pm and not tired yet.  I had better hit the hay, though, I’m running the switcher tomorrow at church.  Good night, God bless.