My iPhone LIVES!

So, as you can read below, Carson thought my phone needed a bath. I took the back cover off and put the phone in my “magic” rice for a day.  The next day I had to go buy a new screwdriver since my only Phillips #00 was locked up in my desk at work.  Since it was Good Friday, there was no chance of me getting it.  It was just as easy to buy a new one and, I probably should have more than one #00.  You can never, EVER have too many tools, after all.  I didn’t follow the tear down guide the first time I took it apart.  I just wanted it apart quickly so I could get it all dry and back in the rice.

After another day in the rice, I took it out and reassembled it.  It powered on, but there were obvious spots of water in between te touch glass and the LCD, which is not uncommon for a phone that has been underwater… It happened to my other phone as well, when I went into the lake. I played on the phone for a brief moment, then it shut itself off. I was very hopeful that one more night in the rice would fix it fully.

I’m pretty sure it would’ve recovered alright, except, I made the grave mistake of trying to seperate the LCD from the touch glass.  On the iPhone 3G and 3GS they do seperate, but then again, the iPhone 4 has an LCD unlike any other phone on earth.  It’s awesome! In trying to take them apart to remove that little bit of water I heard the LCD crack (not a sound an LCD should ever make). Then I saw the layers of the LCD seperate.  Again, not a good thing, AT ALL! I quickly put the whole thing in the rice and tried to forget I just did that.

The following day, I reassembled it and it, of course, didn’t work. So, on Monday I ordered my replacement LCD from As well as a battery, just for good measure since they aren’t too expensive. They came in today and I’m glad to say, my phone is back to its old self.  I didn’t even have to restore it from iTunes.  It came right up where I left off.  Hooray!

I am also happy to report I can now put the ancient phone I have been using back into storage until the next time I need a temporary phone. On second thought, I might just check ebay for a cheap smart phone that I can use instead.  I had some major withdrawl. No games, no twitter, no facebook, and even worse… NO weather apps! Which I greatly needed these past few days. It was an interesting time for me, trying to figure out how to tell and waste time without my phone. Glad to say I was sucessful in both, even without my phone!