Catmobile (like Batmobile)

width=200At three AM this morning, Kayce wakes me with Adam, Adam!! Whats that light?! There was an eerie orange light flashing in our bedroom window. After I was awake enough to realize I WASNT dreaming, I took a look out the windows to see the emergency lights flashing on our van. I was slightly weirded out. I tried the remote to see if somehow the alarm had gone off but wasnt making any noise. It hadnt. The lights kept blinking. After grabbing a flash light, I made my way out to the car with Kayce following at a distance enough to make me feel like a giant guinea pig. Regardless, I watched at the back door as I used the remote to open the automatic van doors (Best thing ever!) and see who or what came running out. I didnt see anyone get out and the lights kept flashing, so I approached very cautiously. The van was empty and nothing was noticeably disturbed. It was, in fact, the emergency flashers that had been turned on. I turned them off and came back inside. I was so focused on the van that I hadnt noticed how quickly the cat had run in the back door when I opened it. Later, I put it all together… Kayce had gone to grocery store earlier that afternoon. After she unloaded the groceries she had left the back of the van open and asked me to shut it. That was about 2:30 or 3:00 pm. From what I can tell, The cat spent almost 12 hours in our van and sometime after midnight managed to hit the emergency blinkers. I did find some cat hair on the seats and a smashed klennex box, confirming my theory. I cant believe he didnt scratch our leather seats, I guess he learned his lesson 5 years ago when he scratched our sofa. So, we either the dumbest cat, for getting trapped in the van, or the smartest for finding a way to let us know he was trapped. Either way, Im just glad I dont have to get the van steam cleaned, if you know what I mean.